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Get Luxury Travel Leads from your Host Agency

Are you frustrated working with clients that "found it cheaper on the Internet"?

Have you grown tired of the endless search for new clients?

Do you get stressed wondering if next month's sales will be as good as this one?

You've been working on Ann and David's honeymoon for two weeks. After dozens of emails back and forth, you've finally found a nice resort in Jamaica that fits their limited budget. They appear ready to book and you expect the deposit today. An email comes in from David. "Sorry, we found the same resort online for $50 cheaper so we went ahead and booked it." Argh!

We've all worked with clients that don't respect the work we do. There's no shame in having to take on "less-than-desirable" clients to pay the bills.

But what if there was a way to fill your portfololio with clients that truly appreciate your expertise?

It feels like a never-ending hustle. Handing out business cards at another event, pleading for referrals from friends and relatives and posting anything travel related you can find on your Facebook page.  

The most disheartening response: "Oh, I just booked a trip. I didn't realize that's what you do." Or they're simply not in the market for a trip right now, but they'll take your card for later. We all know "later" rarely comes.

Searching for new clients is hard work!

Wouldn't it be much easier to have clients handed to you, right at the precise time they're ready to book a trip?

There are always ups and downs in the travel industry. But if you rely on your income to pay the bills and you don't have a full client list, the "downs" can be downright frightening. How much spare time do you have, browsing Instagram or watching a webinar, wishing you could be working on a client's trip instead?

Wouldn't it be nice to take on another client precisely when you need one, but pass on it if you're already busy?

I've Been There

I understand how hard it is to build your client portfolio because I've been there. My name's Dean Horvath, and I'm the owner and founder of Mason Horvath Travel.

When I left my senior role at a corporate travel agency in 2007, I had no idea how I was going to fill my portfolio with luxury travel clients. I just knew I was going to find a way. I had no choice. My two young daughters and stay-at-home wife were depending on me.

Boy did I hustle. I slipped my business card into the hands of everyone I could. But I didn't have a membership to a fancy golf club and I couldn't afford to attend the regal charity balls where the wealthy hung out.

So our client list was growing, but not with the kind of travelers I was hoping for. I was forced to fall back on what I knew: corporate travel. I had no choice because we had to pay the bills

But I felt dejected. I didn't leave a corporate travel agency just to start another one. I wanted to sell luxury travel.

Learning How to Find Luxury Clients

While my corporate travel agency was growing and thriving, I was determined to build a portfolio of luxury clients. I knew there was no way I was going to grow quickly enough by word-of-mouth, so I set about finding another way.

I remember reading an article that said over 50% of luxury travel was still purchased online.

And then it hit me. I had to find a way to get those luxury travel shoppers to work with our agents instead of booking online.

So I dug into it and learned everything I could about online marketing. And the more I learned, the more interested I became. I took every dime I could spare from our corporate travel and invested it into finding new luxury clients online.

And it worked! If fact, it worked so well that we now generate too many leads! So many leads that we can't possibly handle them all with our current team. 

Too Many Leads!

After investing over $250,000 and tens of thousands of hours in trial and error, we've successfully developed eight different ways to bring in luxury travel leads from the Internet. Leads consisting of 4- and 5-star clients currently looking for help planning their trip.

And they're coming in faster than our advisors can handle them!

That's why we're currently looking for Independent Travel Advisors to join our team and grow their business with luxury clients. 

Join the Mason Horvath Travel team and receive Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM.

A few examples of actual Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM

New Clients Whenever You Want Them

With Unlimted Luxury LeadsTM, you can take on a new client whenever you need one, right at the moment they're ready to book a new trip. But if you're busy with other clients or simply want to take a couple of weeks off, you're free to decline any leads. It's your choice.

This flexibility allows you the freedom to run your business the way you want, without the stress of wondering where your next client will come from. Forget about worrying if the phone will ring next month.

With the Unlimted Luxury LeadsTM program, you can make plans for the future with the confidence that you'll have the business.


Clients That Respect You as a Professional

We all have clients that we'd rather not work with. But we put up with them because we need the money. Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM allow you to replace those less-than-desirable clients with clients that respect what you do...and are willing to pay for it!

You'll no longer concern yourself with clients that "found it $20 cheaper on the Internet" because you'll be selling custom luxury packages that are extremely difficult to compare online. This allows you to focus on the relationship instead of the dollar amount. 

Your clients will boast about you to their friends and referrals are sure to follow.

Greater Income Potential

Forget about discounting your cruise commission because your client found a cheaper rate with Costco. That doesn't exist with us

You're providing your clients with custom-designed packages and you control the price with the flexibilty to earn a fair commission for the work you put in.

It goes without saying that you'll earn more on a $20,000 trip to Italy than you will on a $2000 trip.

Is a $20,000 trip more work? Yes. But not ten times the amount of work.

So with Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM, not only will you have more clients, but the amount you can make on each booking increases, which means more money for you at the end of the month.

Freedom to Do What You Love

When you know that you can take a new lead whenever you have the capacity, you have the freedom to live your life with flexibility. The same flexibility you were looking for when you started out as an Independent Agent. 

Accept new leads when you have the time and energy to work hard. And when you want to slow down to take a vacation or maybe help out a relative that's fallen ill, you can do that too. 

Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM provides you with the confidence that there'll be business available when you want it.


Grow as a Luxury Travel Expert

The highest honor in the travel industry is to become a respected luxury travel advisor.

You work with clients that respect you, luxury travel suppliers are eager to work with you and the money is excellent.

But let's not forget that we're in this business because we love travel. As a luxury travel advisor at the top of your game, you'll have no shortage of opportunities to travel the world in luxury. Our suppliers know that the best way for us to learn how to sell luxury travel products is to experience them ourselves.

Of course, it's still work. When you travel, you'll always be on the lookout for how you can sell these experiences to your clients. But it's not hard to enjoy our job when you're on a game drive with Singita or sipping wine poolside at an Aman Resort!

How does it work?

Mason Horvath Travel is a Host Agency, which means all of our advisors are Independent Contractors (Agents) with the freedom of owning their own travel business. 

Our Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM are available to all Independent Agents that join our team. 

Learn All About the Unlimited Luxury Leads™ Program

Luxury Travel Training

Invoicing Done for You

Information Message Board

You'll have direct access to recorded and live trainings to get you started selling luxury or to enhance the skills you already have.

Our accounting department will create invoices in ClientBase for you so you have more time to sell. Unless, of course, you'd prefer to do the invoicing yourself.

Directly connect with over 100 other agents to get quick answers to questions about suppliers, itinerary ideas, client issues and more.

Air Desk for Flight Bookings

Access to Sabre CRS

Itinerary Builder App

There's no need to learn confusing airline systems. Contact our air desk and you'll receive the best options with the best commissions.

If you're already trained up on a CRS, then you'll have free access to Sabre, with the best fares and full ticketing abilites. (Training is also available for a fee.)

For a small monthly fee, you're able to design beautiful itineraries for your clients in online, mobile and PDF formats.

Top Supplier Commissions

Membership in Virtuoso

Preferred Partnerships

You'll receive the highest level commissions on all mid-market, premium and luxury cruise lines and most tour operators.

You'll have full access to Virtuoso, an invitation-only network of the world's top luxury suppliers and advisors. 

Access to preferred hotel partnerships, including Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Belmond, Relais & Chateaux, plus more.


As part of the Mason Horvath Travel team, you'll also receive:

Our affiliation with Coastline Travel also provides you with:

Sound interesting?

Let's set up a friendly, confidential chat to see if Mason Horvath Travel and Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM are right for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience as a travel agent?

No, although all advisors must graduate from the Selling Luxury Travel training program. Click Here for more information

New leads will be emailed directly to you. You must respond as quickly as possible within business hours. 

What is the process of receiving a lead?

What type of ongoing training is provided?

Virtuoso provides a large database of luxury travel supplier training. We will provide a framework for working with the leads that come in to keep a consistent brand message.

No. Your leads will be sent to you alone. 

Are leads sent to more than one agent at a time?

Generally speaking, the leads are 4- and 5-star clients looking for FIT, custom-designed private tours. The most frequent destinations are Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, France and Africa. 

What types of travel are the leads looking for?

Mason Horvath Travel is based in Vancouver, Canada. Our affiliation with Coastline Travel in Garden Grove, California allows us to work with US agents with no cross-boarder issues.

Where is Mason Horvath Travel based?

Our advertising is focused on the North American market, so the vast majority of the leads will be from United States and Canada. Occasionally an International lead will come in.

Where are the clients based?

Yes, you are free to keep your own brand to use with your own clients. However, you must use the Mason Horvath Travel brand when working with leads for consistency.    

Can I keep my own brand?

In addition to the Selling Luxury Travel course, there is a $45 monthly charge. You'll earn 70% of all commissions generated from your own clients. 

Each lead from the Umlimited Luxury LeadTM program is $52. You'll earn 60% of the commission on clients that were generated through the Unlimited Luxury LeadsTM program.  

What are all of the costs?

We are very careful to only bring on enough agents to handle the leads that we're currently generating. It's a careful balance to ensure there are enough agents to handle the leads in a timely manner, yet not too many agents , resulting in some agents receiving few leads. The best advice is to contact us sooner rather than later, even if it may be months before you plan to join Mason Horvath Travel.

How many agents are you accepting?